Third Day (28 May, Thursday)

  • Project Sharing Sessions
      • I learnt about how to present effectively and confidently by observing the other teams.
      • Since all the teams were doing similar projects, I learnt a few ways in which I could have improved mine.
      • Thirdly, I also learned extra information about the project by looking at the extra in-depth research the other teams had done.
  • How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme?
      • I learnt much more than expected, and hence grasped the topic to my full satisfaction.
    • Insights
      • The teachers and supervisors of NTU were very amiable, and also answered all my confused mind, which was full of queries, with no hesitation.
      • The friends I made at the day-camp were also very nice
      • Throughout the flagship programme my team and I learnt a lot of golden and valuable knowledge not only about the different topics, but also about how to get admission into NTU as a legitimate university option…XD

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